Our Services

Bespoke Software

We undertake bespoke software development for catering to the specific requirements of our clients. We have established software development practices that ensure rapid delivery within budgets and with quality considerations. We rapidly deliver web applications.

Our emphasis on the bespoke application are:

  1. On-time, within-budget deliveries
  2. Quality considerations as per accepted norms
  3. Avoidance of vendor lockin as per customer's priorities

Mobile Apps

We build mobile applications as an extension to existing web applications. Hybrid mobile applications on the following platforms is available from Blinkaen:

  1. Android
  2. IOS
  3. Blackberry
  4. Windows

We focus on building Hybrid applications to reduce the time and cost of building such applications and also to enhance the maintainability as there is a common code-base.

Database Services


Database design, complete database porting / migration services, database modernization services, database integration services. we offer database revamp, enabling redesign incorporating the RDBMS strength and flexibility of document databases with ACID compliance.

Our specialty database service is database and application modernization, wherein we ensure the rationalization of database design such that the design complexity reduces drastically and also the total number of database entities in a lossless manner. This would ensure that the application complexity and the total number of lines of code also reduces drastically. Simplified database and applications result in substantially lower levels of maintenance and reduce the maintenance costs and resources.


Systems Integration

Our Integration services include:

  1. Implementation of ESB
  2. SOA enablement of legacy systems
  3. Implementing RESTful Services
  4. SOA enablement of RDBMSs
  5. Integration with SAP
  6. Integration with Oracle Apps
  7. Integration with TALLY

Migration Services

We provide complete application and database migration migration to prevent vendor lock-ins and avoid dependencies. To this effect we provide cross-platform migration and porting services and thorough database migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL along with Code Objects in a lossless manner.

Migration and/or porting services constitute of:

  1. Database porting and migration services
  2. Database porting cum design modernization services
  3. Application porting services
  4. Application modernization services


eCommerce solutions based on Magento give the eCommerce companies unprecedented scalability and extend beyond the shopping cart for every shoppable experience, including email, mobile, in-store, and We deliver Magento based solutions not just over web, also over mobile.

We deliver complete eCommerce solutions going much beyond the shopping cart and help in the implementation of "Deliver to Promise" paradigm by integration of:

  1. Inventory
  2. JIT Paradigm
  3. Predictable lead times management

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