Our Focus Areas

Cloud Focus

Mosaic is a Governance Management System and is different from the prevailing eGovernance and/or Enterprise Management Systems, in that, the approach is very different, all pervasive and all encompassing, thereby delivering the fastest ROI within weeks of implementing rather than months and years. The bigger the organization in terms of human resources and users, the bigger and faster the benefits that can be accrued from Mosaic. The product Mosaic is one–of–a–kind software in the world without any peer as on date.

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Developing, Testing and Deployment is a time consuming and tedious work. To alleviate this suffering, we offer our application PaaS platform, which is called NO-CODE Platform.

This platform renders redundant elaborate project management approaches and methodologies that are prevalent today as the emphasis on “coding” doesn’t exist except for very specific gold-plating of the application system generated. The platform hence is aptly called NO–CODE. The entire paraphernalia of things related to coding, rather code-generation, inter-module integration, roles and access control, user-management, module management and hierarchy management is taken care in a very transparent way by the platform.

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It has been observed that there is a huge requirements for the basic applications like ERP and CRM, however there is a question of affordability coupled with the issues of maintaining IT infrastructure and employing personnel who are specialized in maintaining such sort of an infrastructure and applications that exist in the landscape.

To address such a requirement, Blinkaen will be introducing such applications by the end of the last quarter of 2019 on a subscription basis. The applications that will be introduced are:

  1. Blinkaen ERP
  2. Blinkaen CRM
  3. Blinkaen Project Manager
  4. Blinkaen API Exchange
  5. Blinkaen API Manager

Technology Related Focus

The databases that we use extensively in our works can be categorized as both hybrid and relational databases. Hybrid databases are the ones that incorporate all the features of document databases and the features and sturdiness of relational databases.

With the incorporation of document data-type as a part of the relational database coupled with the features of indexing and searching the documents columns existing as binary data-types in the RDBMS enable unprecedented scalability and one can rationalize the database design to make it less maintenance intensive and drive more flexibility with a much lesser complex design paradigm.

 We work on the following database products:

  1. Oracle
  2. MySQL
  3. PostgreSQL
  4. eXist-db
  5. BaseX
  6. Mongodb
  7. Sedna

We can deliver cutting-edge applications with the help of PostgreSQL with inbuilt document type. You have the power of an enterprise grade RDBMS (Full ACID Compliance) with the flexibility of a document database by way of implementing JSONB datatype. The best of both worlds come together with this sort of a technology implementation. The best part is it’s Open Source.

Oracle Stack

On the Oracle front we have extensive skills and experience on:

  1. Database
  2. Developer Forms and Reports
  3. Oracle Designer
  4. JDeveloper
  5. Oracle Application Server
  6. Oracle Web Center


We have extensive expertise on PHP and are well conversant with the following frameworks & libraries:

  1. Kohana Framework
  2. Codeigniter
  3. CakePHP
  4. Expression Studio

We specialize in migration of 4.X based PHP applications to PHP 7.X. We also undertake to modernize the legacy PHP applications by converting them to Object Oriented PHP.


With Xquery as the complete stack right from the native xml database to the application and the UI part we extensively use the following full-stack Xquery platform, namely eXist.


Integrations in software are not just pertinent to application-to-application integrations and database integrations and/or data integrations. We look beyond these conventional paradigms and focus on adding value beyond SOA/ESB implementations.

The existence of multiple systems in a heterogeneous landscape including old legacy systems are the main reason for the creation of data silos. There is always a situation that data is available in an organization but is inaccessible to other systems; in such a scenario our integration services pave the way for all the systems to work in unison and deliver the best value to the organization.

To this effect, we provide the following services:

  1. Rapidly SOA enable databases
  2. Implement an organization-wide API repository to ensure interoperability & openness
  3. Implementation of API exchange

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